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Global Gathering 19 – India

REGISTER NOW! GG19, New Delhi, India, January 12-17, 2017

Watch our invitation video to Global Gathering 19!

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The theme of our Global Gathering in India is “God Tears Down Walls To Build Bridges.” It will be a blessed experience of joyous fellowship, worship, and teaching. How can you help?

  • First, pray for the Gathering. For financial support. For safe travel. For the Holy Spirit to bring life to all who speak, who listen, and who praise.
  • Second, come to the Gathering! There is still plenty of time to make your plans to attend. For a step-by-step guide on how to attend, see the article below.
  • Third, if you cannot attend, send a donated registration. That is, pay the registration fee that will go directly to the expenses for the Gathering.
  • Four, you can give a generous donation of any amount designated for the expenses of the Gathering.

It is time to finalize your plans to attend our Gathering in New Delhi. There you will experience the blessings of worship, learning, fellowship, and service together.
STEP ONE: Register for the Gathering on our website. Make sure you hit the Register Now button after you fill out the form. Then pay your Registration fee.
STEP TWO: Book your flights. You may want to look at international websites to compare fares: or among others. You might find cheaper flights if you wait to book six months or so before the Global Gathering.
STEP THREE: Book your hotel. Look on the website of the Gathering for the list of hotels. Choose your hotel. Note that the links go to the hotel’s website and that you might get a better rate by looking at You might find cheaper room rates if you wait to book six months or so before the Global Gathering.
STEP FOUR: Apply for your Indian visa (you should already have a Passport). First look on the chart here to see if you can apply for a tourist e-TouristVisa (eTV).
STEP FIVE: Look at the program: and and speakers and anticipate the blessing God will provide as we meet with brothers and sisters throughout the world.
STEP SIX: Pray for traveling mercies, leaders and speakers on the program, the church in India, the church in your own country, the church throughout the world, and the world God loved enough to send his Son to bless.
IF YOU CANNOT COME TO NEW DELHI, START AT STEP SIX. Do continue to pray for the ministry of World Convention.