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Global Gatherings

Every few years a Global Gathering is held in a different part of the world.

Gatherings bring together people from the ‘Christian’ family of Churches (Christian – Churches of Christ – Disciples) from around the world.

The Gatherings focus on meaningful worship (including outstanding preaching and inspirational music), learning (with study of significant themes), contemporary evangelism (Bader Lectures) and global fellowship. All ages are catered for. World Convention is the ‘flagship’ of the churches with their origin in the 19th Century Restoration Movement.

Global Fellowship

Christian – Churches of Christ – Disciples of Christ congregations are found in 196 countries. In a number of countries they have joined uniting churches.

‘World Convention’ aims to build up a sense of fellowship (‘continuing convention’) among these churches.

Family Understanding

The Christian Churches, though they began as a movement for unity, have become a diverse group. Their origins lie in both Britain and the USA. Those (mainly Commonwealth) with British links are usually called Churches of Christ. Within the USA two major divisions have occurred creating the churches of Christ (A Cappella), the Christian Churches (‘Independent’) and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). These streams are now represented in many countries beyond the USA.

World Convention builds up fellowship and understanding among these groups, including those within united churches.

The Wider Church

The church universal is like a global jigsaw with its denominations, divisions and regional groupings, and the many parachurch organisations. World Convention helps relate the tradition of the ‘Christian’ family to the wider church, and the activities of the wider church to our family.

Future Directions

Each part of the church has its own responsibility for its own future, but World Convention seeks to provide support for discovering our ‘together’ destiny.