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Andrzej Bajenski

Andrzej Bajenski is the Chief Presbyter of the Church of Christ in Poland. These churches are actively involved in a wide range of work, including the Retirement Home Betania, Christian Bible Institute, Child’s World Mission, Ostroda Camp, Word and Life Publishing House, and Foreign Mission and Charity Ministry. There are 25 congregations and six mission stations in Poland. Andrzej studied at Warsaw Theological Academy and Hope International University, Fullerton, CA. He is a leader of ProEcclesia, an organization born out of the need to further expand missional efforts and to better assist churches and their leadership throughout Poland.

Denford Chizanga-1 crop

Denford Chizanga is the founder and Executive Director of Africa Development Mission in Zimbabwe. After his secondary education in Harare he embarked on a four year electrical engineering apprenticeship (1987-1991). Upon completing that he felt a calling into full time study and preaching of the Word of God so he started working with the Greencroft Christian Church, Harare and also went to the Zimbabwe Christian College where he obtained a Certificate in Pastoral Studies (1992 – 1995). In 1998 Denford went to the USA to Cincinnati Christian University, earning the Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies (1999), Master of Arts in Practical Ministries (2000) and the Master of Divinity (2001). At the end of 2001 Denford Chizanga left the USA, returned to Zimbabwe where he founded the Mission in January of 2002. Denford got married in 2004 and together with his wife, Shingirirai Teurai, they have led ADM to where it is now operating in five of Zimbabwe’s ten provinces and in the nations of Zambia and Mozambique with plans to go into Botswana and North Africa soon. ADM has a three-pronged approach to Ministry of (1) Starting Churches, (2) Training Church & Community Leaders, and (3) Doing Community Transformational Ministry in the areas of Education, Health, Economic Empowerment, Benevolence and Water & Sanitation. Denford and Shingirirai have been blessed with three kids: Hannah Michelle (7), Caleb (5), and Joanna (1 month as of 10 July 2015).


Jeff Fife copyJeff Fife was born and raised in Brazil as the child of missionaries Tom and Libby Fife. Along with his wife Monica and his sons, Roger and Isaac, Jeff leads the Brazil River of Life Ministries whose mission is to reach the Portuguese-speaking world for Jesus Christ so they can reach the rest of the world. River of Life works through evangelism, mentoring and to plant new churches and to provide assistance and justice where needed. Jeff holds three masters degrees and travels extensively in Portuguese speaking countries on three continents. Monica is the past President of Global Women Connecting. Both Jeff and Monica worked to make the 2012 Goiania World Convention a blessing to many.


Ajai Lall

Ajai Lall is President of World Convention and founder and director of Central India Christian Mission, The primary focus of CICM is evangelism, church planting and leadership training. The Mission has grown from two to over 500 fulltime workers and has planted over 700 churches in central and northern India and the countries of Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. Ajai served as the President of the 2001 National Missionary Convention and President of the All India Christian Convention in 2006. He spoke during main sessions at the combined 1995 North American Christian Convention/National Missionary Convention and at the 2000, 2008, and 2015 North American Christian Conventions. Ajai has written five Christian textbooks and edited others that are widely used by Hindi-speaking Christian leaders, teachers, and evangelists in India. His most recent book is Christian Extremism (written with josh Howard). Ajai holds degrees from the State University (Sagar) of Central India, Mid Atlantic Christian University, and the Institute of Theological Studies and Research, Kerala, India.

Brent LiebezeitBrent Liebezeit is the lead pastor at Annesbrook Church, a large and vibrant congregation in Nelson, New Zealand. Brent and his wife Viv are passionate about seeing the Church rise up and transform cities with the truth and love of Jesus Christ. Brent’s leadership has also been significant as the current President of Christian Churches NZ. Brent and Viv have been married for 28 years and have a daughter, a son and daughter-in-law and one grand-daughter.



Oscar Muriu

Oscar Muriu dedicated his life to Christ in 1983, and has served as the Senior Pastor of the Nairobi Chapel since 1991. In that time he has seen the Church grow from a mere 20 people, to over 3,000 people, with 26 church plants. His personal mission is to raise up a legacy of African leaders for the Church of Christ worldwide. He holds a B.Sc. (Zoology) from the University of Delhi in India, and an M. Div. from the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST). Pastor Oscar and his wife Bea have four daughters; Chiru, Chiku, Wanja and Janelle.

Usha ReesUsha Rees and her husband, Emrys continue the work of the Benevolent Social Services of India, Inc., started by Emrys’ parents, David and Lois Rees. The Reeses are involved in preaching the gospel to Hindus, Muslims, and nominal Christians. At the Leprosy Hospital founded by David Rees they minister to leprosy victims, people living with HIV/AIDS, and people suffering from tuberculosis. The Indian government has approached them and is funding an AIDS Counseling Center at the Leprosy Hospital. Their work also includes home and community-based care, outpatient care, inpatient care, and the prevention of parent to child transmission of HIV/AIDS. Through the organization, The Love in Action Trust, started by Emrys and Usha Rees, they are able to help orphans, widows, and the very poor obtain basic education and later, job training. They have concentrated their evangelistic efforts among least-reached people groups, who have only a handful of literate people. Therefore, Emrys and Usha have started a very successful literacy program in many villages, enabling these people to read the Bible. 

Jeff-Vines (1)

Jeff Vines spent twenty years on the mission field in Zimbabwe and New Zealand planting churches and training Christian leaders. From 1998 to 2005 he was the featured speaker on the weekly television broadcast Questions of Life.  Jeff served as the teaching pastor at Savannah Christian Church in Savannah, Georgia, for two years before becoming the lead pastor of Christ’s Church of the Valley in Southern California in 2008 ( Jeff is the author of Dinner with Skeptics: Defending God in a World That Makes No Sense and the newly released Unbroken: 8 Enduring Promises God Will Keep. Jeff and his wife, Robin, have been married for 28 years and have two children, Delaney and Sian.