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Dr. Gary Holloway Named Executive Director

Nashville, Tennessee: Gary Holloway called to World Convention – effective February 1, 2010

World Convention President B. J. Mpofu announces the appointment of Dr. Gary Holloway as the Convention’s Executive Director. Gary is currently the Ijams Professor of Spirituality at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee (USA), and a minister to the Natchez Trace Church of Christ in Nashville. He was a key member of the Planning Committee for the 17th Global Gathering of World Convention which convened in Nashville July 30-August 3, 2008.

Gary brings to the World Convention a rich experience in ministry among churches of the Stone-Campbell Movement. Since 2003 he has been a member of the Stone-Campbell Dialogue. He was a participant in the Fellowship of Professors meetings with those in Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. In 1995, he delivered the Kirkpatrick Lecture for the Disciples of Christ Historical Society where he is a life member. Gary is active in ecumenical efforts in the Nashville area.

Having travelled internationally over 25 times, Dr. Holloway has taught in study-abroad programs in London, Vienna and St. Petersburg. His international breadth is evidenced in his ministry with the Natchez Trace Church of Christ where one finds a multicultural worshipping community composed of members from China, Germany, Brazil and Zimbabwe. Gary holds degrees from Freed-Hardeman College, Harding University, University of Texas, and the Doctor of Philosophy Degree from Emory University. He is a prolific author having published 26 books and numerous articles. He also has broad experience in administrative and promotional work.

When initially contacted about the position of Executive Director of the World Convention, Gary responded, “The appeal of this position for me is the opportunity it gives to experience and promote the wholeness of the church across denominational, racial, language, and national boundaries.” Dr. Holloway will begin his service to the World Convention on a part-time basis on February 1, 2010, and begins full-time on August 1, 2010.

During the past 8 months the World Convention has been served on an interim basis by Rev. Bill McDonald who had recently retired as minister of the Crestwood Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Lexington, Kentucky. Bill has kindly consented to work with World Convention as a consultant until Gary completes his current responsibilities to Lipscomb University.

Gary is married to Deb who teaches theatre at Lipscomb University. They make their home in Nashville, Tennessee. Gary writes, “I believe God will equip me with all I need for this task, working through people like you – those who have been a part of World Convention for years and those of you who may be new to this mission of unity, compassion and reconciliation.”

To contact, please write: Gary Holloway
Lipscomb University
One University Park Drive
Nashville, Tennessee 37204-3951
Telephone 615.966.5761

What others are saying about Dr. Holloway’s appointment:

I am thrilled and delighted at the news that Gary Holloway has accepted the call as Executive Director/General Secretary of World Convention. Gary’s heart for unity in the body of Christ has been evident through his writings and personal witness over many years. As a biblical scholar, historian, theologian and spiritual director Gary walks in the footsteps of the movements’ founding fathers with a passion and love for unity of the body of Christ. I urge all supporters of Christian unity to join me in supporting Gary as he takes up this challenging role.
– Jeff Weston, Australia, General Secretary/Executive Director, 2004-2009

We are absolutely delighted that Gary Holloway is to be Executive Director for World Convention. We greatly valued Gary’s friendship and encouragement when we lived in Nashville. His passion for our whole movement was a joy to discover. As a scholar and writer Gary has shown that he has both a deep and broad understanding of the whole ‘World Convention family’; as a minister and pastor he is a wonderfully caring person and a great communicator. His talents and vision seem perfect and the timing ideal! We are excited about the future of World Convention with Gary’s leadership.
– Lorraine & Lyndsay Jacobs, New Zealand, Associate General Secretary and General Secretary, 1993-2004

It is my sincere belief that Gary Holloway has been raised up for “such a time as this.” Gary’s education, his ability to communicate effectively both orally and in print, his dedication to the worldwide Stone-Campbell Movement, and his heart for the visible unity of all Christ’s Church combine to make him uniquely positioned to lead World Convention into a new phase of its life and service. I am convinced that Gary Holloway is the person for the position.
– Doug Foster, Board Member, Abilene Christian University

Gary is a solid leader who brings huge leadership gifts and a passion for the ministry of World Convention. He is well liked and appreciated by people across the Movement and he himself appreciates all three traditions and perspectives. He recognizes the differences and similarities between Stone-Campbell Movement churches in North America and the rest of the world. He appreciates our collective heritage without idolizing it and understands that God is continuing to do new things among us today.
– Dick Hamm, Board Member, former General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

His understanding and commitment to the ministry of World Convention as well as his broad understanding of the church as the Body of Christ makes him eminently qualified to give us the kind of leadership that will be both international in scope and comprehensive of Stone-Campbell Movement churches here and abroad.
– C. Robert Wetzel, Board Member, Chancellor, Emmanuel School of Religion, Chair of the Search Commitee

I join with the other members of the WCCC Board to express my joy and enthusiasm with the recommendation of Gary Holloway to become the next Executive Director of the World Convention. Great news! I look forward to working closely with Gary as he takes up the position of leadership in the future.
– Robert Welsh, Board Member, President, Council on Christian Unity

Based on a most satisfying acquaintance with Gary and the unreserved support of our search committee, I most heartily add my voice of consent to those already offered. This decision encourages us for the future of World Convention.
– Mark Taylor, Board Member, Editor of The Christian Standard

Dr. Holloway has great experience in the Stone-Campbell Movement. What has impressed me is that anywhere he has worked he has always been adding value and there is an increase.
– Martin Phiri, Kenya, Board Member, Pastor and school Principal

I enthusiastically endorse Dr. Gary Holloway. His vita and vision for World Convention is certainly an answer to prayer. He has all the attributes that fit the job description. I feel quite excited that we can now strengthen the ministry of World Convention.
– Bruce Greig, Board Member, Australia, Chair of Australia Committee for World Convention

I am excited about the possibilities for the future of World Convention. From so many perspectives I feel God has truly blessed our prayerful deliberation and the Search Committee’s hard work.
– Marj Dredge, Board Member, Australia

The 18th Global Gathering of the World Convention will convene in Goiania, Brazil, during July/August 2012. For further information about the ministry of World Convention, visit us on the web at or contact:
World Convention
1279 Brentwood Highlands Drive
Nashville, TN 37211

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5 Responses to “Dr. Gary Holloway Named Executive Director”

  1. v.david raju says:

    we love sir, we are your brothers. thank you

  2. Pastor Peter John says:

    Hello, 8th Nov.2010
    Harvest is Plentiful:
    Luke 10:2 He 4 said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore ask the Lord of the harvest 5 to send out 6 workers into his harvest.
    We invite you to come to Pakistan for preaching. Job is challenging. You’ll be coming to the most dangerous part of the world. This is the place where we need to fight spiritual battle with Satan. Satan is working very hard and diligently in this part of the world. We Christians do not need to retreat. Please come over and give tough fight to Satan.
    Our situation is like this:
    Acts 16:9A 1 vision appeared to Paul during the night: A Macedonian man was standing there 2 urging him, 3 “Come over 4 to Macedonia 5 and help us!”
    I am doing my part of preaching. I was warned to stop preaching. There is still threat to my life. I am being forced to embrace our neighboring religion and preach it.
    Though we always need to be ready to give our lives for our faith but still we need to keep this in our minds that life is a gift of God we need to protect it also. For that reason, we have decided to purchase five large plots of land. We have five provinces and one plot in each province will be purchased. It will be made secure by boundary walls and other security devices. It will accommodate more then 50,000 people at a time. You’ll get secure place to preach with freedom.
    My plan is to lead my Christian community spiritually, politically and socially. My people are in miserable condition here. They need Jesus Christ in their lives. Poverty has led them to prostitution, street crimes, drugs addiction, conversion to neighboring religion, slavery of Satan. Money lenders have made them slaves. People known by the name of Jesus Christ shouldn’t remain in such condition. I pray to God to provide me funds and fellow workers like you, to bring those lost sheep back into the fold of Jesus Christ.
    I need 11 more workers to help me in harvesting. It will be ongoing preaching program through out the year. Including me, it will make the figure of 12, according to the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ. We’ll travel by road on our mobile church preaching the Gospel. We need to have large plots of land to accommodate about 50, 000 people at a time. Our mobile church will generate spiritual revival and people will thirst for more and more. Later on they will be called to gather in a large plot where we’ll preach to them with fool proof security. Roughly we require 20,000 $ US to start with. Once the work is started then funds will generated from Pakistan. This amount is nothing for God. God wants our submission and willingness and God will provide the funds. God knows what to do, how to do and when to do. We simply need to keep on asking.
    I am founder Pastor of The Church of Ultimate Power.
    Please pray for: peace in Pakistan, funds and harvest workers.
    Praise the Lord
    Pastor Peter John

  3. Rev. John Huber says:

    Dear friends,
    Is your denomination Church of Christ or Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)? I have given the book Together in Christ: A History of the World Convention of Churches of Christ 1930-2008 to the library at Fuller Theological Seminary, indicating that it is in the category of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Is this correct?

    Rev. John George Huber
    (retired pastor of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod)

  4. Julia Keith says:

    Dear Rev. Huber,
    World Convention is the global family of Stone-Campbell Movement (Restoration Movement) churches including Church of Christ, Christian Church/Churches of Christ and Disciples of Christ. The book ‘Together in Christ: A History of the World Convention of Churches of Christ 1930-2008’ could be cross-referenced to all three streams, with the primary filing with Stone-Campbell Movement (Restoration Movement).

    Thank you for your interest.

    Julia Keith

  5. Julia says:

    Dear Rev. Huber,
    World Convention is the global family of Stone-Campbell Movement (Restoration Movement) churches including Church of Christ, Christian Church/Churches of Christ and Disciples of Christ. The book ‘Together in Christ: A History of the World Convention of Churches of Christ 1930-2008’ could be cross-referenced to all three streams, with the primary filing with Stone-Campbell Movement (Restoration Movement).

    Thank you for your interest.

    Julia Keith