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Don Breiby is a member of our churches living in Olathe, Kansas, USA. Don had a hectic and stressful schedule with family and work and knew he was not finding enough time for God in his life.

A friend, who knew that Don considered 11:11 his lucky number, suggested Don set his watch to ‘beep’ at 11:11 and each day make that a time for prayer.

He began to do that and soon noticed a change in the world around him.

Often people asked him why his watch was beeping at this unusual time. Soon he discovered he was being asked to include special prayer requests for people who were sick, having problems or needing assistance connecting with God.

11:11 became an incredible tool in helping Don share his faith with others. He soon realised too that he, and not the world around him, had changed.

11:11 – Get Connected has been a phenomenon continuing to expand every day; a gift to our global family. When we were visiting Overland Park Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) – longtime strong supporters of World Convention – Don saw the potential for 11:11 world wide. So did we. With members in every time zone on the planet we could set up a pattern of prayer that operated every hour of every day of the year.

Don had copyrighted 11:11 but saw his global church family through World Convention as the way he had been looking for to have it fully used, and immediately offered it.

We are grateful. And we’re excited!

People these days are used to numbers: 7/11, 7/24, 9/11. Now 11:11 can be a tool to strengthen spiritual life, personal witness and global fellowship within our movement everywhere.

We invite you to join in! Here’s what to do:

  • Set your watch (pager, phone, computer) to beep at 11:11. If you don’t have something like this, choose a regular daily ‘noise’ in your life.
  • Thank God for what you have; pray for what you need (not want!)
  • Include any person around you in your prayer.
  • Be truthful if anybody asks you what you are doing.
  • Remember your global church family and that you are a loved and commissioned member of the whole church of Jesus Christ!

Let’s release the power of prayer in this new way throughout our movement. The time to start is now. Make 11:11 a daily appointment. Send us your stories. Tell us what part of the world you are in. Our heritage lifts up the importance of unity in an effective witness of Christ’s church. Through 11:11 Get Connected, we will be better connected with God and each other, strengthen our own lives and develop our witness together.

Lorraine & Lyndsay Jacobs