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ONE MINUTE ONE DOLLAR – Double your 2018 giving!

We have exciting news! For 2018, a donor will match every dollar given by individuals and churches to World Convention.

 Increasing your gift multiplies the benefit!

One Minute

The first thing we are called to do for Christian unity is what Jesus himself did. We pray for it. We ask that God might work to make all who believe in Jesus one. For this year, would you commit to pray one minute per day for Christian unity? For several years, World Convention has promoted Eleven Eleven, that daily at 11:11 AM we pray for Christian unity. If that time does not work for you, would you set another time during the day to pray one full minute for the unity of the church? In that prayer each day, please ask God’s blessing on the ministry of World Convention.

Yes, I’ll commit to pray at least one minute a day for Christian unity!


One Dollar

If we pray for Christian unity, we must be willing to work for it and to support others who are engaged in that work. Many of you regularly support the work of World Convention. Others of you would like to but are experiencing financial difficulties. Would you commit $1 a day or more to World Convention?

How much is $1 a day?

  • Less than a soft drink from a vending machine per day.
  • Less than buying two coffee shop drinks per week.
  • Less than a meal out at a restaurant for two per month

Yes, I’ll commit $1 a day or more to the unity work of World Convention!



Little actions add up and mean a lot. A minute a day and a dollar a day can go far in showing our commitment to the unity of God’s people.