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Healthcare in India, Praying It Forward, 2017

As we anticipate our next Global Gathering in New Delhi, January 12-15, 2017, each month we are highlighting a ministry of the Stone-Campbell Movement in India. This month we focus on Christian Hospital Mungeli, with information from their website,

Christian Hospital Mungeli was founded in 1897 by the American Disciples of Christ Foreign Christian Missionary Society’s Rev. E.M. Gordon and Dr. Anna Gordon.  Mr. G.W. Jackson opened the Mission Station at Mungeli in 1887. Jackson, an Englishman, built the mission station’s “Big Bungalow” on six acres the mission purchased north of the Agar River.  Mrs. Jackson operated a small dispensary at the mission bungalow in 1890.

Later physicians at the hospital included Dr. A.W. Hitt, Dr. Anna Dunn Gordon, Dr. George Miller, Dr. Victor Rambo, and Dr. Dayal Suknandan. In 1971, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in India joined with other denominations to form the Church of North India, bringing CHM under the administration of the Church of North India. By that time, most foreign missionaries were leaving India, significantly reducing external funds and personnel supporting mission hospitals.

Over the next 30 years, CHM struggled. In 2003, after a change of leadership, CHM began to grow again. In 2011, Christian Hospital Mungeli had 120 beds, saw approximately 30,000 out-patients, delivered 600 babies, and performed some 2,500 operations.

Christian Hospital Mungeli is just one of many hospitals, clinics, and medical education ministries of the Stone-Campbell Movement in India. Please join us January 12-15, 2017 in New Delhi to hear more about those ministries. And pray for Christian Hospital Mungeli, other ministries in India, and the people of India.

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Praying It Forward, India 2017 (2)

Each month before our Global Gathering in New Delhi, I will highlight a prayer concern for India in ChristiaNet, This month we focus on the women of India. Stone-Campbell churches in India—Christian, Churches of Christ, Disciples of Christ—care for women in a myriad of ways through dozens of ministries supported by Christians throughout the world. Let’s focus on one of those ministries.

Eternal Threads is dedicated to improving the lives of women and children most at risk of extreme poverty, trafficking and other forms of exploitation by providing sustainable livelihoods through income generating projects.

The vision for the Eternal Threads’ mission began in 1988 when Linda Egle traveled to south India and saw firsthand what life was like for women living in extreme poverty and also witnessed their initiative and desire to improve the lives of their families. She founded Eternal Threads in the year 2000 after early retirement from a 27-year career as a United Airlines Flight Attendant to give these women sustainable income and skills development training. The first project for Eternal Threads was established in south India with the SOFI tote.

Eternal Threads began as a mission to help one group of women in India and has become a global community of women. Even though these women live in diverse areas of the world they share the same needs and hope for the future.  Because they live in extreme poverty they need a means of creating income to care for their families, preventing their children from suffering from lack of nutrition, health care, education, shelter and the possibility of being exploited or trafficked.

To learn more, see

Make plans now to attend our Global Gathering in New Delhi, India, January 12-15, 2017. More information including registration and housing details will be on this site in the months to come.

As we prepare for our Global Gathering in India, Indu Lall, Usha Rees, and others are working to get 10,000 Christians in India to commit to pray for the Gathering. We are working to get 10,000 Christians in the rest of the world to pray for India. Please commit to pray daily for this effort—Praying it Forward, India 2017.

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Make plans now to attend our Global Gathering in New Delhi, India, January 12-15, 2017. More information including registration and housing details will be on this site in the months to come.

As we prepare for our Global Gathering in India, Indu Lall, Usha Rees, and others are working to get 10,000 Christians in India to commit to pray for the Gathering. We are working to get 10,000 Christians in the rest of the world to pray for India. Please commit to pray daily for this effort—Praying it Forward, India 2017.

Each month before our Gathering, I will highlight a prayer concern for India in ChristiaNet, This month we focus on the children of India.

Those children are at risk from disease, poverty, and sometimes (yes, even as children) persecution for being Christians. Many children are orphaned in India without adequate government assistance. One great need for children is education.

Stone-Campbell churches in India—Christian, Churches of Christ, Disciples of Christ—care for children in a myriad of ways through dozens of ministries supported by Christians throughout the world. Let’s focus on one of those ministries.

Global Mission Partners of Australian Churches of Christ (see partners with Gnyan Sampada Residential School (formerly Ankoor Children’s Home) was established in 2002 as a home for children from an extremely poor forest region of Maharashtra State.  Literacy amongst this tribal group is only 2%, so education is highly prized.  The main source of income is from farm laborers or people collecting and selling firewood in the local markets, generating an income of approximately $1 a day.  Poverty forces small children to start working to support families and often they face starvation.  The people live in very remote villages where there are few or no schools for the children.  Some of the village schools only go to Grade 4.

Sixty-five children now live in the home, and the school in its grounds educates 100 children including 35 from the local area. The school teaches Nursery to Grade VI, and hopes to add a grade each year.

So I urge you this month to pray for the children of India, to pray for Gnyan Sampada Residential School, and to pray for all the ministries that serve Indian children in the name of Jesus. And pray that our Gathering in 2017 will connect our churches to give more assistance to the children of India.

God is at work among us!

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A small, beautiful country in southern Africa. Those who travel there call it the safest and friendliest country in Africa.

Swaziland Map

I was there a few weeks ago with my friend and board member Doug Foster for two purposes, to explore the possibility of a future Global Gathering of the World Convention in Africa and to teach at African Christian College.

My African adventure (like most) involved seeing beautiful scenery and exotic animals, but it was primarily an adventure in Christian fellowship. World Convention board member Kurt Platt and his wife Wendy opened their home and their hearts to us. Brad and Rachel Carter, Paul and Miriam Chimhungwe, and Manuel and Pam De Olivera did the same. Our students at African Christian College, from ten African countries, opened their minds, and hearts, and lives in our classes.

What I witnessed in Swaziland was a young, vibrant, growing church. These dedicated young students are leaders in their local congregations, bringing the good news of healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation to their countries. Their songs of praise continue to reverberate in my ears and my heart. Here is a photo of chapel:

 Africa Adventure 4

There are likely more members of the Stone-Campbell Movement in Africa than in the United States. Those churches grow in spite of wars, disease, and poverty. It is time for us to have a World Convention in Africa, where the world can see the great things that God is doing there. Swaziland would be a good place—politically stable, safe, with good convention facilities. Here Doug Foster and Kurt and Wendy Platt view the Mavuso Trade Center in Manzini, Swaziland:

Africa Adventure 5


Please keep that possibility in prayer. And pray for Africa. And your own country. And the world. And continue to pray for the worldwide ministry of World Convention.


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It is an exciting time for World Convention. In January, we were part of an historic consultation on baptism. In March, several met in India to begin planning for our Global Gathering in 2017. Now two board members—Doug Foster and Kurt Platt—and I are in Africa, exploring the possibilities of a future Gathering there. In addition there is the daily work of World Convention of connecting our churches everywhere.
I know you want to be part of this exciting ministry. Please go to our Facebook page, friend us and like us. But more importantly we need friends who will pray for World Convention and who will support this ministry of connection and unity financially.

We need old friends! Some of you partnered with us a few years ago to be World Convention friends, agreeing to give to this ministry on a regular basis. If you have not given for a while, we ask you to renew your friendship and give today. And we ask you to encourage others you know to give.
We need new friends! Many of you receive this monthly ChristiaNet report and are vitally interested in this ministry, but you have not participated with a gift. Consider being a partner with One Minute, One Dollar, send us a check, or click the donate button below to give. All gifts are important signs of support and friendship. No gift is too small. God does great things with the gifts we bring!


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An African Adventure, part 2

The students here at African Christian College, are bright, engaged, and eager to learn. Some are quite young while many are married with children. Coming from ten African nations, they bring a variety of experiences to the classroom.

One highlight each day is chapel. The singing moves my heart.

Africa Adventure 4

One of the many interesting people here is Paul Shupikai, a teacher at the college. Paul is expanding our knowledge of the Stone-Campbell Movement globally by writing a history of our churches in Zimbabwe. One person he is interviewing for that history is B.J. Mpofu, Past President of World Convention.

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An African Adventure, part 1

Africa Adventure 1

World Convention board member Doug Foster and I are in Swaziland in southern Africa. We are here to make contacts in hopes of having a Global gathering of World Convention in Africa in the next few years. We also are each teaching a course at African Christian College, starting tomorrow (see

Africa Adventure 2

We arrived Saturday and instantly enjoyed the hospitality of  Kurt and Wendy Platt and of Manuel and Pam de Oliveira who had us into their homes. Sunday was an amazing day of blessings, beginning with worship at the Matsapha Church of Christ. After worship we toured the clinic sponsored by the church, proving healthcare of all kinds but particularly help to those with HIV (Swaziland has the highest HIV rate of any country in the world). We then spent the afternoon with Bruce and Beth Smith who are at African Christian College to teach a course on “The Church and HIV.”

Doug and I start  teaching tomorrow.

Pray for us, for Africa, and for World Convention.

Africa Adventure 3

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For many decades, the logo of World Convention carried the words, “A Worldwide Fellowship.” This month the truth of those words were brought home to me. In addition to the marvelous fellowship with Christians in India (see last month’s ChristiaNet), we found the world coming to us.

John & Rosemary Williamson-Australia, Stirling College resize

John and Rosemary Williamson were on holiday and joined us for Easter worship at Vine Street Christian Church, toured our office, and had a marvelous lunch. John is Registrar at Stirling Theological College, an agency of the National Conference of Churches of Christ in Australia (see John and Rosemary brought us news of Stirling and of the churches in Australia and surrounding countries.



Verlaini & Cristovam2

A few weeks later, Deb and I met our Brazilian friends, Verlaini Cintra and Cristovam do Espirito Santo Filho of the Igreja de Cristo,Faicalville (see These two pastors were our constant helpers and companion in planning and executing the Global Gathering in Goiania in 2012. They were visiting Johnson University in Knoxville, Tennessee and we met them for lunch at the appropriate city of Cookeville! They brought us exciting news of the churches in Brazil and of mission efforts in the United States and Africa.


2015 GACS reunonJust last weekend, Deb and I attended a choral reunion at Greater Atlanta Christian School, where I had attended and where Deb and I later taught. There we were blessed to visit with several classmates and former students from many states (and even one from Canada, making this an international gathering). They also shared stories of what God is doing in their churches. On Sunday, we celebrated the 90th anniversary of Peachtree Christian Church in downtown Atlanta, a congregation with a rich history and with vibrant current ministries to their community and throughout the world (see Their pastor, Barry McCarty, plans to lead a group from their church to our New Delhi Gathering in 2017.

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Gary @ Taj Mahal It will be the experience of a lifetime.

 The 19th World Convention, New Delhi, India, January 12-15, 2017.

IMG_2790wSights. Crowds. Faces. Faces of smiling children. Faces of Christian worshippers. Stories. Stories of adversity. Stories of faith. Conversations.

IMG_3043wAll these I experienced, along with David Empson and Jim Chamberlin from the International Conference on Missions, as we visited India this week. All this and more you can experience in 2017.

We were hosted in our visit by Ajai Lall, President of World Convention. The International Conference on Missions is co-sponsoring our 2017 Gathering in New Delhi. This trip was to visit possible venues and begin planning for that meeting.

It was my first visit to India, and the sight of so many people in New Delhi was my first impression. Soon those crowds became individuals.


We had encouraging conversations with Vijayesh Lal, Executive Director of the Evangelical Fellowship of India, and with Bishop P.C. Singh of the Church of North India. Both are enthusiastic supporters of our 2017 Gathering, believing it will help all Christians in India.

Talkatora StadiumWe saw two sports complexes, one seating 4000 and the other 7000, that might serve as the location for our Convention.








Next we moved to Damoh, where most of the ministries of Central India Christian Mission (led by Ajai Lall) are headquartered.IMG_2938w There we were embraced by the smiling children of the children’s home. We worshipped with 400 nursing students, ministry leaders, and employees. We experienced the overwhelming hospitality of Indian Christians.












We helped to dedicate a new church building for a congregation of about 150 in Jalapur.

Ministers meeting

The high point of the visit was a gathering of over 100 ministers, leaders of the Christian Churches, Disciples, the Church of North India, and Churches of Christ from nine of the 29 Indian states.

IMG_3179w They and the 3000 churches they lead are enthusiastic about the World Convention coming to India in 2017. Two themes dominated the meeting. One is that this Convention will help unite all the Christians in India. The second was that we have the right leader for the Convention in Ajai Lall.

All will be ready for you to come to New Delhi, January 12-15, 2017, and experience for yourself what God is doing in India.

What can you do to get ready?

1. Save the dates.

2. Save your money. You have 21 months to save.

3. Watch our website ( for information to come on costs, registrations, housing, tours, mission opportunities, and more.

4. Above all, pray. Usha Rees, President of Global Women Connecting, is raising up over 10,000 Indians who will commit to pray daily at 4:30 PM for World Convention. Let us join them!


God is at work!


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One great blessing of my role at World Convention is spending time with our board members from thirteen countries.

It was a great blessing for me to be with several board members in January. Robert Welsh and David Thompson were the planners for the Consultation on Believers’ Baptism held in Jamaica (see the report and photograph in our last ChristiaNet).

While in Kingston, Jamaica, it was a particular pleasure to be with Richmond Nelson (President of the Kingston World Convention in 1984). Richmond gathered fifteen former attendees of World Conventions at a lunch where we updated them on the plans for India. We hope to have a significant delegation from Jamaica in New Delhi!

Bazenski photo enhanced 2

Last Tuesday, board member Andrej Bazinski, his wife Urszula, and Pastor Leszek Juszczyszyn from Poland visited with me and Julia in our office in Nashville. Their visit reminded me of the marvelous blessings of my visit to Poland in 2011. In 2021, the Churches of Christ in Poland will celebrate their centennial. Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate with them as a Global Gathering!

Later this year, I hope to see board members Ajai Lall in India, Kurt Platt in Swaziland, and Dan Yarnell in England. In addition, I plan to see our board members from the United States at the North American Christian Convention, the Disciples General Assembly, and Summit at Abilene Christian University.

Our board reflects the worldwide nature of our communion. Look on our website for brief information on the 199 countries and territories where there are expressions of our movement. And keep me, our board, World Convention, the global Stone-Campbell Movement, and the worldwide church in prayer.

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