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World Convention is currently building a global reference for the  countries and territories where we know there are Christian – Churches of Christ – Disciples of Christ Congregations. Of the 193 United Nations States, the Stone-Campbell Movement exists in 177. This listing includes other nations and territories, numbering 198 countries where there is at least one representation of our churches.

Rather than waiting for comprehensive, complete information we are putting up the details we have available. If you can correct or add to this information, please contact the World Convention Office with details at


Iraq is a country in Western Asia that borders Turkey to the north, Iran to the east, Kuwait to the southeast, Saudi Arabia to the south, Jordan to the southwest, and Syria to the west. The capital, Baghdad, is in the center of the country and its largest city. The largest ethnic group in Iraq are Arabs, Kurds with their own autonomous Kurdistan Region form the largest minority, and other ethnic groups include Assyrians, Turcoman, Shabaki, Armenians, Mandeans, Circassians and Kawliya.


Islam accounts for an estimated 95% of the population, while non-Muslims (mainly Assyrian Christians) account for just 5 Most sources estimate that around 65% of Muslims in Iraq are Shia, and around 35% are Sunni. Christians numbered over 1.4 million in 1987 or 8% of the estimate population of 16.3 million. Indigenous Neo Aramaic speaking Assyrians, most of whom are adherents of the Chaldean Catholic Church, Assyrian Church of the East, Assyrian Pentecostal Church and Syriac Orthodox Church account for most of the Christian population. Estimates for the numbers of Christians suggest a decline from 8–10% in the mid-20th century to 5% in 2008. More than half of Iraqi Christians have fled Iraq since the Second Gulf War.

Stone-Campbell Presence

The website of the International Churches of Christ lists a small congregation in Baghdad, begun in 2013



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