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World Convention is currently building a global reference for the  countries and territories where we know there are Christian – Churches of Christ – Disciples of Christ Congregations. Of the 193 United Nations States, the Stone-Campbell Movement exists in 174. This listing includes other nations and territories, numbering 195 countries where there is at least one representation of our churches.

Rather than waiting for comprehensive, complete information we are putting up the details we have available. If you can correct or add to this information, please contact the World Convention Office with details at


The Republic of Panama is bordered by Costa Rica to the west, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. The capital and largest city is Panama City. With the backing of the United States, Panama seceded from Colombia in 1903, allowing the Panama Canal to be built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers between 1904 and 1914. In 1977, an agreement was signed for the complete transfer of the Canal from the United States to Panama.


93% Christians (75.3% Catholics, 16.4% Protestants, 1.3% Other Christians), 2.1% Other religions, 4.8% No affiliation

Stone-Campbell Presence 

Bob and Robbie Bryson from Churches of Christ entered Panama in1958. James R. Holland from Churches of Christ came to Panama in 1963, working in Balboa and later in Margarita. Several congregations are in Panama, and Churches of Christ sponsor medical and agricultural missions as well as the Bible School of the Americas in Panama City, Panama, that has trained more than 500 evangelists in the past 40 years and has satellite schools throughout Latin America,

In the 1990’s, Timothy Peppers of the Goldsboro-Raleigh District of the Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ International began work in Panama. In 2004 Bishop Chester L. Aycock officially welcomed seven Panamanian churches with 800 members into the Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ International.

The Panama City Church of Christ, planted in 1998, is associated with International Churches of Christ.


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