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St. Lucia

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Saint Lucia

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An island in the Caribbean, Saint Lucia is one of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. It is a small island, only 620 sq km (239 sq miles) with a population of about 165,000 people. Much of the present population is descendant of African slaves brought to the Island by the British to work the sugar plantations. The original inhabitants of this Island were Arawak and Caribe Indians. France and Britain argued over control of the Island in the early 19th century until Britain finally won out and St. Lucia became a British port. Becoming internally self-governing in 1967 Saint Lucia has been fully independent since 1979 but remains a Constitutional Monarchy under Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. The Senate and the House of Assembly are Saint Lucia’s two legislative bodies.

Bananas are the chief crop and export of Saint Lucia; 60% of export income comes from bananas. Coconut, coconut oil and cocoa are the other agricultural exports. The manufacturing of clothing and other light industry is growing in the free port of Vieux Fort. Tourists think Saint Lucia is the prettiest of the Windward Islands though unrest has produced a turbulent political landscape and drug trafficking is a problem.

Roman Catholicism 90%,  Protestant traditions make up the remaining 10% with the larger percentage of that minority being of the Anglican tradition.

Stone-Campbell Movement

Winston J. Massiah of Barbados is credited with introducing the Stone-Campbell Movement to Saint Vincent. In 1968 Massiah baptized three individuals on the Island. A year later a congregation made up of six professing Christians and fourteen others were meeting in Castries, the capital city. American missionary of the a cappella Churches of Christ, L.E. Parker, worked in Saint Lucia from 1970 through 1973. In 1972 Andrew Solomon, a graduate of Puerto Rico’s Caribbean Christian College, went to Saint Lucia and began to build upon the foundations laid in Castries by his predecessors. In 1990 his congregation reported a membership of 33.

In the 1980s American missionaries Jim Burns and Gary McDowell went to Vieux Fort to begin a congregation. Though they faced some opposition to their work, a congregation of nearly fifty people was reported in 1990. Veteran missionary and evangelist Don Starks conducted a campaign in Vieux Fort which assisted the congregation there. American sponsoring congregations include the South Trail church of Sarasota, Florida and the Mount Carmel church of Mt. Carmel, Illinois.

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